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Operator's Handbook for Compact P20 & P40 Pulse Porosity Detectors


 Photograph of the PWCI P20/P40 from the product manual

Here's an excerpt from the manual...


Can be used in accordance with: Australian Standard AS3894.1


ASTM G62, ASTM D5162, ASTM D4787, NACE SP0274, NACE TM0186, NACE TM0384, NACE SP0490, NACE SP0188, ANSI/AWWA C214, ISO 29601


  1. Safety Precautions
  2. Operation
  3. Specifications
  4. Control Panel Layout
  5. Voltage Recommendations
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Optional Detector Accessories
  8. Warranty
  9. Service

Porosity Detector Accuracy

±3% of reading above 10kV or ±10% below 10kV
(Note: at the time PCWI tested the Porosity Detector at the reference temperature & humidity)

Refer to the PCWI Manufacturer’s Calibration Certificate provided with the Porosity Detector.


Thank you for choosing the PCWI Compact for pre-installation and post installation corrosion detection.

PCWI have designed this instrument with care, to provide ongoing corrosion detection efficiency under a wide variety of coating application conditions and to ascertain Porosity for the many protective coatings currently in use. Under reasonable care in operation, the unit will provide many years of trouble free detection.

To support the unit, PCWI maintain a comprehensive range of Electrodes (probes) - extending the versatility of the Compact from large to small and from accessible to inaccessible surfaces.

PCWI, in a continuing desire to achieve the maximum in corrosion detection competence, welcomes user enquiries and recommendations.

Yours sincerely
Paul Van Gaal


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