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Operator's Handbook for Compact High Voltage Crest Meters


 Photograph of the PWCI crest meters from the product manual

Here's an excerpt from the manual...


Calibration Reference Devices for the Compact range of Porosity Detectors Can be used in accordance with: Australian Standard AS3894.1


ASTM G62, ASTM D5162, ASTM D4787, NACE RP0274, NACE SP0490, NACE SP0188, ANSI/AWWA C213, ANSI/AWWA C214, ISO 2746 


  1. Safety Precautions
  2. Instructions
  3. Operation and Testing Procedures
  4. Control Panel Layout
  5. Other PCWI Products
  6. Warranty
  7. Service and Maintenance

Crest Meter Accuracy

±3% of reading

(Note: at the time PCWI tested the Crest Meter at the reference temperature & humidity).

Refer to the PCWI Manufacturer’s Calibration Certificate provided with the Crest Meter.

Range: 0kV to 30kV

Recertification available.


Thank you for choosing the PCWI Compact Crest Meter for testing the voltage output of your PCWI Compact or other Porosity (Holiday) Detectors.

PCWI have designed this instrument with care, to provide ongoing efficiency under comprehensive testing. Under reasonable care in operating, the unit will provide many years of trouble free operation.

To complement the unit, PCWI maintains a comprehensive range of test analysis and measuring instruments for the coatings industry as well as providing appropriate Certification, traceable to International Standards.

PCWI, in a continuing desire to achieve the maximum in corrosion detection competence, welcomes user enquiries and recommendations.

Yours sincerely
Paul Van Gaal


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