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PCWI coils & brushware for high voltage porosity detectors - Video


This video below provides you with some detail on the types of brushes, coils and accessories manufactured by PCWI.



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Here's the video transcript for those who prefer to read


The instruments and support that you need for your industry. Porosity Holiday Detectors, Coils, Brushes and Probes.  PCWI has an extensive range of brushware and coils to suit the 3 models that we have available. We have wet sponge unit, a DC pulse and a DC Constant Current unit.



Looking at the brushware it is all brass wire that has a little bit of a ripple in it to give it a little bit of strength. This is the best searching capability you can use to find the flaws as the fine bristles fall into various holes, crevices etc. to give you some great searching capabilities.

The brass also falls into the holes and the spark that leaves a fine bristle like this has far greater searching capability than, say for instance, a round coil.


The spiral round brushes are mainly for tubes. Anything up to 100mm and smaller. As you can see the spiral is round to give it a little bit more support that does make it a little bit easier to use them up tubes and as you can see there are various sizes ids that are available.


From there you move on to disc type internal brushes. These come in various sizes, about 150mm and from there you move to much larger diameter, open style brushes.


These are all internal and generally do not any support as they're self-supporting. When you get into much larger ones then as you can see you need some wheels to help support the brushware and to pull them along to keep them level.



They do get very large, as you can see these ones here are getting up to 1.8 meters, so we can make virtually any size you want and to whatever style you like.


Here is a typical internal brush on the right and this is an external brush on the left and this has been especially made for a particular pipeline. You can see the plastic handle and methods of holding it and supporting it.


These PVC wheels that support the brushware when you get quite large, when you push down you do not want to be squashing the brushware, so the little wheels help support it.


These are external half brushes. The wheels help support, holding it central and stop it from getting squashed too far at the top.


These are clamp brushes. These clip around the pipe and then you attach to them and just push them along. You are far better at using this then using a coil. They have greater searching capabilities, and lay better on longitudinal welds and circumferential welds.


This image shows the way that they open up and the way that you close them.


The coils come in various pre-cut sizes 2”, 3”, 4” etc., but sometimes if you have special diameter pipes and you do not want to stretch a coil on, we do make specials for various size pipes.


Here we have got one joined together so it shows you the circle and the little pacman that actually holds the coil together so that you can unclip it and clip it back on again around the pipe.


Fan brushes are good for bolt holes and fiddly bits and pieces, easily screwed in and used. A lot of this stuff you have to understand is disposable. Once you use a brush and it gets pretty doggy and raggy, you know you should discard it.


The carbonised rubber brush is not something that I am a fond lover of, mainly because if you have got textured coating, pits or hollows or welds, it is very difficult to use these but it would probably last a little bit longer than what a brass brush will. They don’t have good searching qualities not like a brass bristle brush.


The wet sponge units, these are replacement sponges. The little round one you can make to fit any configuration. At the end of the day, they need to be wet and be kept wet in order for this system to work.


This is just some of the additions like coil ends, little pacmen, coil attachments with different extensions, 125mm, 60mm, 450mm extensions. Virtually most of this stuff can be made to any requirements that you have.

PCWI manufactures Holiday Detectors, Holiday Detector Probes, flat brushes, rolling probes etc. We have adapters to suit all brands and models. You can contact for any further information. 


Visit our Porosity product page for more information about our porosity detectors and accessories



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