Protimeter Mini Moisture Meter

This timber moisture meter determines the moisture content of wood and wood based products.

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Protimeter Mini Moisture Meter

Moisture is displayed by 60 LED's, green, yellow or red, that light up to show the value of moisture measured.

The mini determines the moisture content of wood and wood based products.

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  • Is there a connection between condensation and dewpoint?

    In condensation, there is no explanation of dewpoint temperature. Dewpoint is the temperature at which moisture condenses. It is a function of ambient temperature and %rh and it varies if the %rh changes or ambient temperature changes or both change. Moisture condense on mirrors, walls etc when their surface temperatures fall below dewpoint. A simple example; when you take a cold bottle of beer out of the fridge, water droplets form on the glass. The reason – the temperature of the glass is below dewpoint temperature. The MMS enables the user to measure humidity, ambient temp, dewpoint and surface temperature for condensation investigation work. It even shows you the difference between surface temperature and dew point.

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    Answer 2
    The Surveymaster does not use “sonic” signals in search mode. It measures the dielectric capacitance of the material by using radio frequency (RF) signals.

    Answer 3
    Protimeter two-prong meters (Mini, Timbermaster, Surveymaster & MMS) are indeed calibrated for timber. However, these instruments are not designed solely for use in timber, they are designed for use in the whole range of non-conductive building materials. The point to note is that they only measure actual moisture in wood. In other materials they measure %WME values. This is very significant, because it means that the meters can be used to establish the moisture condition of the materials under investigation by using the wood calibration as a reference.

    Answer 4
    Hygroscopic salts, carbon and other conductors will cause high moisture meter readings. When this is suspected, instruments such as the MMS should be used in hygrometry mode to measure the ERH of the material under investigation.

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  • A polystyrene panel manufacturer wants to measure moisture in blocks of polystyrene that are up to 480mm thick by 2-3 meters wide by 3-5metres long. These blocks dry from the outside in and there and be a pocket in the centre not dry that does not show up until they are into fabrication. Could the Surveymaster with 240mm deep wall probes work?

    Deep wall probes may work. It depends if the levels of moisture within the panels are within the measuring range of the Mini or Surveymaster. It should be easy enough to establish this by trying it out on panels that are known to be acceptably dry and unacceptably wet.

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  • Can you measure moisture in cardboard?

    The Mini is used by the packaging industry to give relative measurement in cardboard and similar materials. The %WME value given by the meter tells you the moisture condition of the material - whether it is in a dry, borderline or damp state. Cardboard stored in a dry environment of say 40%rh would have a %WME value in the range of 8-10%WME. This is in the middle of the green zone of the instrument telling you that the material is in a safe air-dry condition. It will not deteriorate as a result of its moisture content. By contrast cardboard stored in an environment of say 85%rh would have a %WME value in the range of 19-21%WME, a damp condition where if maintained, deterioration would be expected. In summary, for cardboard the Mini is a simple and effective tool for monitoring and quality control applications where a relative reading is acceptable.

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  • Does the Surveymaster measure moisture in carpet?

    Best units for testing moisture in carpets are the pin-type (mini) meters. Search mode RF of the Surveymaster and Aquant are not effective for moisture measurement in carpet itself. Better for giving insight into conditions with solid walls/floors. The Surveymaster is the most versatile meter as it has both functions of RF and pins.

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  • Does the Digital Mini measure moisture in coconut?

    This will record %mc values in wood species. If you have a species such as coconut which is not listed in the calibration tables we recommend you record scale A values, allowing a tolerance of ±2%. If more accurate values are required, the instrument should be calibrated with respect to oven dried samples.

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  • Do the timber moisture meters work on MDF?

    The fact that timber instruments start measuring at 6-7% moisture content in timber does not preclude their use for other materials at lower moisture contents. Eg. In plaster board moisture content as low as 2% may be measured. Similarly, since we do not know exactly what the MDF consists of, the easiest way is to get a sample, which has a moisture content of 4% and see if one of our timber instruments work.

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  • What scale should I use when looking for Osmosis in GRP?

    Osmosis is quite common in the marine world. A major hazard is what is known as osmosis (when the gel coat becomes semi porous) and will lead to eventual breakdown of the structure should use the A scale. This scale is also used on the Mini, Surveymaster and MMS meters.

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  • I want to measure moisture up to 30% in plaster figures before they are painted. Will your timber moisture meters work?

    Yes, you should be able to use these to assess the moisture condition of plaster figures in the same way you would a wall Your customer could use the mini or similar to take relative readings. You would actually be measuring %WME values.

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  • Customer using a Timbermaster to measure blackbutt timber on a plywood sub floor and water under the flooring has caused the blackbutt to come off the sub floor. The blackbutt measures 13%-14% and the plywood measures 23%-25%. What should the plywood measure when dry? Also which scale should the customer be measuring the plywood with? Scale A?

    Wood, including ply, is in a safe air dry condition when the moisture content is 16% or lower (green zone on our Mini and Surveymaster instruments). The borderline or at-risk condition is 16-20%mc, indicated by the yellow zone. Damp wood has 20%mc or greater, in the red zone. If using a Timbermaster for plywood, the customer should use the A scale. This scale is also used on the Mini, Surveymaster and MMS meters.

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  • Can your moisture meters be used measure moisture in vanilla beans (long brown bean)?

    It will depend on the moisture content range expected. If this needs measuring when growing prior to harvest then it would be unlikely any of our technologies would be able to cope. If we are measuring dried vanilla beans (pods) then depending on the actual levels involved maybe a mini could give guidance. Literally they need to try it or send us a well sealed sample for testing.

    Interesting customer reply:
    We are dealing with vanilla bean pods, about 16-22cm in length, that have been cured and sun-dried. We need to simply insert the two pins into the pod and obtain a moisture content reading. We need something that is relatively inexpensive, quick, reasonably accurate, portable and easy for the grower to use. We are dealing with uneducated, rural farmers, some of whom grow these crops 4-6 days trek from the nearest road, mainly in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG). We often do not even pay “cash money” for their crop, as they have no need for it (no banks, shops etc) nor have most of them ever seen notes/coins. We pay them in blankets, batteries, small radios, saws, knives, machetes, plastic bowls, and books and shoes for the kids. I will purchase a Mini for evaluation.

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  • Can the Mini or Surveymaster with deep wall probes measure moisture in vermiculite?

    Suggest a Mini with a deep wall probe for quick initial investigation. Then a Hygromaster could be used to measure the ERH if the material is of a compressed nature.

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Weight 150 grams
Dimensions 180 x 28 x 49mm
Power 9V (included)
LCD Resolution No
Operating Temperature Range No
% H2O Measurement Range 6% to 90% WME


Calibration is done by comparison to a Test Box, with reference to a NATA endorsed Report, to provide equivalent moisture values according to the manufacturer. Calibration is done in accordance with Reference Document LWI 34.

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