Cross Hatch Cutter 1mm 11 Teeth

Item Number: HATCHCUT1MM11T
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Made from Tungsten Carbide, a material two and a half times harder than hardened steel for a cutter that stays sharp 50 times longer
  • 25mm blade with cutting profile on one edge, strong aluminium shaft and ergonomic plastic grip
  • Provides a better result than testing adhesion with a regular knife
  • Used to test a wide range of coatings, such as films, varnishes and paints
  • 11 teeth with 1mm spacing
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Product Information

Product Description

Give yourself the advantage

The advantage of using PCWI cutters over using a knife blade:
- The cutter exerts no side-ward pressure on a dried hard film. You won't shear the coating, causing the test to fail prematurely.

Lasts 50 times longer

- Tungsten Carbide is two and a half times harder than hardened steel. This means that PCWI cutters stay sharp 50 times longer than the steel blade you are using now.

Any material and any job.

- The precision sharpened carbide cutter works beautifully on jobs like paint on wood. The cutter will also handle jobs on steel, thanks to its toughened hardness.

- These cross-hatch adhesion cutters will allow the adhesion of a wide range of coatings to be measured according to standards AS1580 method 408.4, BS3900-E6, ASTM 3359-B, DIN53 151, and ISO 2409. The coatings can range from Coating Films, Varnishes, and Paints from either single or multi-coat applications.

- The cutter has a 25mm tungsten carbide blade with cutting profile along one edge, a strong Aluminium shaft and comfortable ergonomic plastic grip.


1mm cutter with 11 teeth, gives 100 cuts instead of 25 (as is the case with the standard 1mm cutter).


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