Magnetic Al Case Teflon û20 to +240 C

Item Number: MAGPRBTEF
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Magnetic surface K type temperature probe with Teflon cable suitable for use inside ovens
Fast response surface temperature measurement, short periods only
Suits all K type digital thermometers and temperature data loggers
Thermometer Range: -20 to +240 degrees Celsius
Aluminium casing, 1.0 metre lead with mini plug
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Product Information

Product Description

PCWI Magnetic Surface K Type Temperature Probe.

- Fast Response, short periods only.
- Aluminium Casing.
- Surface temperature measurement.
- 1.0 metre lead with mini plug, longer lengths made to order.
- Suits all K Type Digital Thermometers and temperature DataLoggers.

Technical Information

Temperature range : -20 to +240 degrees Celsius.
Dimensions: 20mm diameter.
Contact strip: 7mm x 19mm.
Length: 1m lead


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