309 Datalogger 4 Channel -50 to 1300C

Item Number: 309DATA
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • CENTER 309 data logging / monitoring thermometer suitable for most temperature measurement and data logging applications
  • Time function, RS-232 interface, Windows software, 16000 records per channel
  • Can be used as a digital thermometer, temperature gauge or pyrometer
  • Four probe input, K type thermocouple
  • Thermometer range: -200 to +1370 degrees Celsius
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Product Information

Product Description

Center 309 Digital Thermometer K Type Temperature Data logger, Thermometer.

This data logging / monitoring thermometer is suitable for most temperature measurement and data logging applications.

This gauge takes the full range of K Type thermometer temperature probes and is suitable for, Powder Coating Ovens, Kilns, Surface Temperature Measurement. Immersion Temperature, Liquid, Metal, Air, Galvanising Zinc, Exhaust gas. Magnetic, Rolling and Moving surfaces, Extension probes for Pipe, Belting, Rollers, bearings and Shafting.

Range -200 to 1370 degrees Celsius dependant on probe used.

Datalogger Features: Four K-type Inputs, Four readings simultaneous display, Time Function, RS-232 Interface, Windows Software, 16000 records per channel


Weight: 220 grams (approx.)
Dimensions: 184mm x 64mm x 30mm
Logger Range: -200 to +1370 degrees Celsius
Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius
Resolution: 0.1 degrees Celsius (-200 to +200 degrees Celsius) / 1 degrees Celsius (+200 to +1370 degrees Celsius)
Accuracy: 0.3% rdg + 1 degrees Celsius


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