Voltfinger inc Torch CATIII 600v

Item Number: T7150
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Single pole test through screwdriver
  • AC Voltage: 50 to 600V
  • Selectable direct contact and non-contact method
  • Flashlight LED front tip
  • Quick and accurate detection of cable breaks
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Product Information

Product Description

The T7150 is packed with features including continuity and live line indication, built in torch and a high quality chrome vanadium molybdenum steel screwdriver tip that fits into Australian socket outlets.

Indication of Voltage or Continuity is both audible and visual.

T7150 Features
- Single pole test through screwdriver
- AC Voltage 50-600V (optical and acoustical)
- Direct contact and non-contact method selectable
- Continuity test from 0-3 M+«
- High quality screwdriver tip
- Quick and accurate detection of cable breaks
- Detect presence of voltage at outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers
- Super flashlight via LED in front tip
- Glow lamp in back cap
- Audible alarm warning when voltage present
- 3 switchable positions to select functions

Safety and Compliance

IEC611010-1 CATIII 600V Pollution degree 2

WARNING! Do not take risks. Serious injury or death may result if not used correctly. Non-contact voltage detectors are only to be used by a competent person after reading the instruction.

CAUTION! Non-contact voltage detectors must be proven on a known live source before and after testing. An absence of detection does not mean the circuit under test is dead.

Technical Data

Voltage: 50 ~ 600 V
Continuity: 0 to 3 M+«
Frequency: 50 to 500 Hz

Supplied with a blister pack and screwdriver tip rubber shroud and operating manual.

Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA
Dimensions: 160 x 25 x 21 mm
Weight: 50g


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