Compact Pulse 20 Porosity Detector Pipeline Kit

Item Number: P20PIPE
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Ideal for use on contaminated coating surface, carbonated rubber and on very thick coatings
  • Lightweight design with LED voltage display, clip on battery pack and case
  • Audible alarm when fault is found
  • Voltage: 0 to 20kv (fully adjustable)
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Product Information

Product Description

Porosity detectors, also known as holiday detectors, spark testers, porosimeters or jeepers, are used to ensure the longevity of coating systems by locating pin holes, air bubbles and porosity.

PCWI Compact Pulse DC Porosity Detectors are popular with coating inspectors because our unique, lightweight design makes surveying large surfaces quicker and easier. Unlike other detectors on the market, these units can be operated one-handed using the shoulder or waist harness included in each kit. The unit is housed in a fully portable ABS case and supplied with a rechargeable battery pack in a clip-on style that allows you to easily substitute a spare battery, thereby reducing downtime.

The P20 Pulse Porosity Detector delivers a regulated 'pulsed' output of up to 20kV and is suitable for use on carbon impregnated, damp or contaminated coatings from 380um to 5mm. Possible applications include tanks, valves or pipelines. Both audible and visual alarms will alert when a fault is found. On carbonated rubber, flaws are located by a change in the spark colour.

PCWI Porosity Detectors are designed for long term performance in the field. To facilitate this, we stock a range of accessories for increased flexibility and replacement parts to extend the life of your detector. We recommend the purchase of a PCWI Pulse Crest Meter, which provides on-site calibration to ensure accurate output voltage and allow for adjustment if necessary.

Technical Data

Voltage Display: 0 to 20kV
Alarm Range: 2kV to 20kV
Resolution: 100V
Accuracy: +/- 3% for 10.0kV and above; +/- 15% for below 10.0kV
Short Circuit: Test Current 1.5mA Max
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60 deg C
Battery: LiFePO4 Clip-on
Alarm: Audible
Display: LCD
Probe Handle: Rubber lead
Dimensions: 260 x 160 x 70mm
Unit Weight: 805g without Battery / 1.4kg with Battery

Pipeline Kit includes: Detector with clip-on battery, spare clip-on battery, universal charger, probe handle with 2m lead, 60mm connector for flat brushes, 7m earth lead with clamp, fan brush, coil joiner with 450mm probe extension, air-operated earphones, shoulder & waist harness, kit case, operating instructions, calibration certificate.

Testing Standards

Complies with the requirements of:
AS3894.1-2002 and Nace Standards: SP0490-2007; RP0274-2004 & SP0188-2006


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