Wet Sponge LED 9 67 1/2 & 90v Selectable

Item Number: WETSPONGE
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • The Wet Sponge Porosity Detector is designed to non-destructively detect pinholes in coatings using the "wet sponge method"
  • The Wet Sponge Kit comprises of unit, handle incl sponge, belt clip, 7M earth lead & carry case
  • Unit features three test voltage options; 9V, 67.5V, and 90V
  • Range: 0 – 500um, power supply: 9v battery.
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Product Information

Product Description

The PCWI Wet Sponge Porosity Detector is designed to non-destructively detect pinholes in coatings up to 500um using the "wet sponge method". A voltage from the battery supply is transmitted through the probe and dampened sponge attached. Because the instrument's earth is connected to the substrate, when a flaw is encountered, the conductive path is made and the alarm sounds.

The unit features three test voltage options; 9V for coatings up to 300um, 67.5V for coating assessment to ASTM standards, and 90V for coatings up to 500um.

Please note: while the PCWI Wet Sponge Detector has a maximum range of 500um, we highly recommend that coatings over 150um, or coatings in corrosive environments, be high voltage porosity tested.

Technical Data

Range: 0 to 500 micrometres
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Test Voltage: 9, 67.5 and 90V (selectable)
Accuracy: +5% to -10%
Alarm: Audible and Visual
Duration: Audible 300ms minimum
Sensitivity: The alarm will sound when the resistance drops below 90kohm (+/- 10%)
Power: 9V Battery
Battery Life: 8 hours continuous (at 90V)
Telescopic Probe Length: 350mm to 1.2m
Dimensions: 210 x 75 x 35mm
Weight: 350g

Kit includes: Unit and Handle including Sponge, belt/pocket clip, seven metre earth lead and clip, carry case, instruction manual with calibration certificate.

Testing Standards

Complies with the requirements of:
AS3894.1-2002 (Wet Sponge Testing); ASTM G62-07; ASTM G60-07; ASTM D5162-08; Nace Standards: RP0274-2004 & SP0188-2006


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