Profile Gauge Needle Type Digital

Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Measures surface profile, as well as pits, cracks and scratches of the outer surfaces of steel structures, pipes and concrete
  • Reading maximum range is user adjustable
  • Requires a small flat area for measurement
  • Analogue range: 0 to 1000 micrometre
  • Digital range: Digital: 0 to 5000 micrometres
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Product Information

Product Description

The special stepped foot and 30deg sharp needle ensures measurements meet the requirements of Australian Standard 3894.5-2002 (Surface Profile), and as far as we can ascertain it is the only gauge available which complies with the requirements of this Australia Standard. Design of the unit permits accuracies equivalent to an electronic surface trace.

- Gives maximum peak to average valley height.
- Design of the unit permits accuracies equivalent to an electronic surface profile trace.
- The size (57mm diam) of this unit makes it easy to use and easy to balance on the surface.
- This Gauge works on grit sand shot blasted and saw cut surfaces.
- The Digital gauge can also measure, the depth of pits, cracks, craters and scratches of the outer (in some instances it would do the inside) surfaces of steel structures, pipes and concrete.
- Enables quick assessment of surface condition. If a hole is made in the coating to the substrate, the gauge will also function as a coating thickness gauge.
- Available as metric/imperial.
- The reading maximum range is user adjustable.

Used by members of the Australian Corrosion and Pipe Coaters Association.


Range: 0 to 5000um
Resolution: 0.001mm
Accuracy: +/- 2um
Gauge Face Diameter: Analogue: 50mm/Digital: 42mm


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