Dial Gauge For Testex TapeDigital

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Product Description

Used with testex tape to indicate peak to valley surface profile height / thickness. Also available with a metric/imperial digital indicator. With the tape placed on the profile, the back is rubbed firmly until the tape is moulded onto the surface; and the peaks appear as black dots in the window of the backing. The tape profile imprint is placed between the anvils of the dial gauge. After 50 micrometres are deducted (for the tape backing) the pointer indicates peak-to-valley profile thickness.

Complies with the requirements of Australian Standard AS3894.5-2002 (Surface Profile). PCWI Surface Profile Dial Gauge is easy to use. The Digital 0 to 10mm can be used as a material thickness gauge.


Range: 0 to 10 mm
Resolution: 0.001mm
Accuracy: 1 micrometre
Gauge Face Diameter: 55mm

Technical Data
529.97 kB

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