Sentry ST670 Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

The Sentry 670 Infrared Non Contact Thermometer has a broad temperature range from −32°C to 760°C.

DS 30:1

(DS = distance to sight (target). 1m target when standing 30m away)

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Sentry ST670 Infrared Non Contact Thermometer

Sentry ST670 Non Contact infrared thermometer.

Features: Temperature range from −32°C to 760°C.

Rugged & Ergonomic design. High DS ratio. Backlit dual display LCD. New series for general purposes. Ultra low power consumption in shutdown mode.

Extended long time measuring reliability. Laser sighting on/off is switchable. °C or °F selectable. Electronic trigger lock. Temperature data storage. Audible alarms

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Temperature Range −32°C to 760°C
DS - Distance to sight (target) 30:1 (1m target when standing 30m away)


Calibration is done by comparison to a Certified NATA Endorsed Test Report) test thermometer sensor, using a black body source, in accordance with PCWI Reference Document LWI 19.

Thermometer Calibration Uncertainty of Measurement:
±0.3°C up to 200°C
±1.5°C over 200°C

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