Marine Solutions

Marine Solutions

We supply a range of instruments to measure protective coatings
applied to ships and other marine vessels

Paint Thickness

Corrosion due to coating failure can be very costly, particularly when it’s the hull of a ship or other large sea vessel. Paint applied to ship hulls needs to meet the standard thickness requirements, including when making repairs to damaged paint, to ensure adequate protection from corrosion. We partner with DeFelsko to supply a leading range of coating thickness gauges that make it easy to measure and log the thickness of paint applied to marine vessels. We can help your select the right gauge for your requirements, just let us know what you need to measure.

Material Hardness

To confirm the quality of materials, measuring the hardness of metals and other materials used in the manufacture of ships and other marine vessels may be required. Our product range includes Barcol and shore hardness durometers suitable for measuring everything from soft plastics to aluminium and other metals.

Speak to us about your measurement requirements, and we can help your select the hardness tester that best suits your application.

Environmental Analysis

Marine applications come with a range of challenging environmental conditions that can affect the application and cure of protective coatings. We supply instruments to test for moisture, salt contamination, temperature, air flow and more.

Having accurate data analysis for these important environmental conditions can mean the difference between a successfully applied and cured paint job, and one that fails inspection and requires reapplication.

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