Construction and Flooring Solutions

Construction and Flooring Solutions

Our suite of products includes a range of precision instruments
perfect for building surveyors and flooring contractors.

Ultrasonic Material Thickness 

Assessing the thickness of structures in buildings is a task that requires the right measurement device. We supply a range of Ultrasonic Material Thickness gauges that allow you to non-destructively measure the thickness of walls and other structures within a building.

We only supply the best, most accurate instruments from trusted brands, including DeFelsko and Dakota Ultrasonics. Speak to our team about your measurement requirements, and we can help you find the instrument you need.

Paint and Coating Thickness

Flooring contractors are in need of accurate instruments that allow them to measure the thickness of coatings applied to flooring materials such as concrete. Achieving the right coating thickness is important for ensuring that paint and other coatings are providing the protection required to protect against corrosion, mould and moisture damage. We partner with DeFelsko to provide the very best instruments for measuring coating thickness on metal, wood, plastic, concrete and more.

Surface Analysis 

Accurate analysis of Surface Profile, Surface Roughness and surface contamination can mean the difference between a successful paint job, and one that fails inspection and requires reapplication. Avoid this costly rework by having the right instruments on-hand to conduct proper surface analysis. We supply a range of instruments to precisely measure a range of surface conditions to help you protect the integrity of coatings applied to flooring and other building applications.

Moisture Measurement

Moisture is a very common concern for our customers, who frequently need to monitor or verify the moisture content of building materials such as wood and concrete. We have a range of moisture measurement solutions available, whether you are assessing the drying out process of a water-damaged site or confirming a freshly poured concrete flooring is dry before coating application.

Environmental Analysis

The application environment can also have an effect on the cure of protective coatings and concrete pours. We supply instruments to test for temperature, air flow and more, so you have more of the information you need when you need it. Whether you need a simple temperature gauge, or a feature-packed data logger, we have solutions to suit your budget and testing requirements.

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