Pipeline Solutions

Pipeline Solutions

We supply precision instruments for pipeline inspection,
helping you ensure the integrity of protective coatings

Coating Thickness 

Achieving the optimal coating thickness is key in the prevention of pipe corrosion. We partner with DeFelsko to supply a range of durable, precise and easy-to-use instruments for measuring coating thickness. 

Our products provide reliable coating thickness measurement where you need it – out in the field. 

Porosity Detection 

Detecting imperfections in coatings is a key way to prevent coating failure and ensure adequate protection. We are a market-leading manufacturer of Porosity Detection instruments, often referred to as Holiday Detectors or Jeepers. Our innovative, light-weight design is able to be worn on a shoulder or belt hardness and operated one handed, making inspecting large areas quicker and easier. 

Internal & External Pipe Inspection 

Our extensive range of pipeline coils, brushes and accessories make is easy to inspect the internal and external surfaces of a pipe for air bubbles and other flaws in the applied coating, known as holidays. 

PCWI pipeline coils are available in inner and outer configurations and designed specifically for detecting compromised coatings. 

Our Products

Browse our range of instruments for pipeline applications.

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