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The Protimeter logoPCWI is an Australian importer, distributor, sales and service agent of the Protimeter moisture meter range. We carry a large range in stock and can normally get what you need to you by overnight courier.

Protimeter provides a wide range of high calibre moisture measuring instruments for professionals in a wide range of vocations. Specialised instruments are available for the assessor, the surveyor, the flooring contractor, and many more.

For more than 40 years, Protimer has been a pioneer in designing moisture meters and is responsible for creating and developing cutting edge technologies now considered vital to measuring and diagnosing moisture and dampness in the built environment.

The Protimeter SurveymasterBecause Protimer devices are designed for professional use, they are hard-wearing, reliable, and accurate instruments, besting their competitors by providing readings users can rely on day in and day out. Protimer instruments come with a 2-year warranty, and as a result are the professional’s logical choice for a durable, trustworthy companion for measuring moisture levels.

Here is a quick rundown of the Protimeter range (more information and product datasheets are provided on the individual product pages):

The Mini moisture meter is the simplest of the protimeter moisture meter family, with single button operation, dual measurement pins, and a colour coded LED scale wrapped up in a rugged housing.

The Aquant 2 provides fast and accurate moisture metering without being invasive, using radio waves to detect moisture below the surface of a covering such as tile, wood, vinyl, or fibreglass. It is especially helpful for locating damp spots in otherwise undetectable surfaces.

The Surveymaster is the ideal hybrid of measuring and searching for moisture; able to seek out damp using non-invasive radio waves as well as determine the amount of moisture in a material with dual measurement pins. The Surveymaster 2 is able to use both of these features at once, and is of great assistance in quickly and accurately determining the extent surface and sub-surface moisture.

The Hygromaster allows for easy, portable spot checks of environmental factors, including temperature and humidity levels. It allows the relative humidity of walls, floors, and concrete to be measured quickly and reliably.

The Moisture Measurement System (MMS) combines the Search and Measure functions of the Surveymaster with the humidity measuring features of the Hygromaster. It is the ideal tool for a professional looking to measure the moisture levels all through a building.

The Timbermaster provides moisture measurement across a wide array of wood species and can measure timber and wood-based products alike. The device is also capable of taking sub-surface measurements when used in conjunction with the temperature probe or the hammer electrode.


Some guidance in choosing a moisture meter

Moisture in timber

The Mini and Timbermaster2 test moisture in timber, plaster & gyprock etc. The Mini comes with a small pin probe and lead for pushing into softer woods. The Timbermaster has a heavy duty probe which is sturdier for pushing into harder timbers. Both instruments will accommodate a hammer electrode with larger pins for very hard woods.

Moisture in other building materials

The Aquant has a built-in sensor which works on RF (Radio frequency) for measuring moisture in most building materials including fiberglass. RF sensor measures to approximately 20mm beneath the surface.

The Surveymaster works on RF and comes with a heavy duty pin probe for moisture in timber etc. This instrument is very popular and used for surveying by builders, loss assessors and flood restoration businesses.

The MMS2 works on RF, has a heavy duty pin probe and a built-in hygrometer. This allows for general surveying on materials such as concrete and for more accuracy you do a humidity test. Drill holes, cover for approx 24 hours and then take a humidity reading with the humidity (hygrostick) sensor. Anything less than 75%rH is safe to lay flooring or apply coatings. More than 75% is too high.

The Hygromaster2 is for testing humidity in concrete. You drill holes same as the MMS above.

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Visit our Moisture FAQs and our Knowledge Base for more techical information about moisture measurment.


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