PosiTector Inspection Kit Advanced 6000 FS + SPG + RTR H Probes

Item Number: KITFS3-RTR
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Inspection kit includes Advanced model gauge body and three probes for measuring coating thickness and surface profile parameters
  • FS type cabled coating thickness probe for measuring non-magnetic coatings on ferrous metals
  • SPG probe measures and records peak to valley surface profile height
  • RTRH probe measures and records surface profile height using replica tape
  • Supplied with hard shell case, manual and other accessories
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Product Information
Coating: Dry Film
Material Type: Ferrous Metal
Measurement Range (μm): 0 - 1500
Gauge Model: Inspection Kit
Gauge Product Range: PosiTector 6000
Substrate Type: Metals
Your Coating Thickness: 0 - 1500

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