Surface Analysis Kit

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Product Description

Ideal for testing of surfaces prior to topcoating and recoating, surfaces that have become and or are contaminated, such as all surfaces close to oceananic environments. Includes de-ionizing equipment, titration strips, swabs and litmus paper.

- New simplified version
- Can be used on vertical surfaces
- Works on both painted and abrasive blasted surfaces.
- Determination of common "invisible" contaminants on freshly blasted surfaces
- Detects chloride ions, pH, and soluble ferrous ions (eg. Ferrous Sulphate)
- Water catchment for vertical surfaces

Supplied with:
- Chloride strips (40)
- Ferrous Ion Strips (100)
- pH paper (100)
- Cotton Swabs
- Water guard for vertical surfaces
- Bottle for distilled water
- Operating instructions


Range (pH): 2 to 9 (verified by colour scale)
Chloride Detection Limit: 30 to 600ppm, (Quantab Titrators)
Ferrous Ion Detection Limit: 3 to 500mg/L (approx.)

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