PosiTest AT-A Automatic Adhesion Tester 20mm Kit

Item Number: ATA20
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coatings or material away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure
  • 20mm dollies and stand off - ideal for higher bond strength coating on metal
  • Automatic model electronically applies smooth and continuous pressure
  • Environmentally sealed enclosure - weatherproof, dustproof and shockproof
  • High-grade, industrial pressure sensor ensures continued accuracy
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Product Information

Product Description

Electronically controlled hydraulic pump that automatically applies smooth and continuous pull-off pressure. This reduces user effort and the risk of influencing the pulling process.

- Large, easy-to-read LCD.
- User adjustable pull rate, pull limit and hold time.
- Easily select dolly sizes, change measurement units or store readings with the touch of a button.
- With mis-alignment compensation: a uniquely spherical articulating dolly head is engaged into a ring of small ball bearings, ensuring correct alignment.
- Conversion charts not required - tester automatically calculates pressure based on dolly size.
- Inexpensive, single-use dollies eliminate cleaning re-use and can be kept as a permanent record.
- Each kit comes with everything needed for testing
- Weatherproof, dustproof and shockproof.
- Quality hydraulic pump can be used in any position.
- Rugged carrying case.


Automatic model - 20mm kit

Adhesion Strength
0.7 - 24 MPa
100 - 3500 psi
100 - 7550 N

0.01 MPa (1 psi)

+/- 1% full scale

Included Dollies
20 mm (qty 20)

Typical Application
Higher bond strength coatings on metals


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