Protimeter BLD9800 MMS3 Moisture Meter Basic Kit in Compact Soft Touch Case

Item Number: BLD9800
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Protimeter BLD9800 MMS3 Basic Moisture Meter Kit with 4 modes in 1 - Pin mode, Scan mode, Hygrometry and Surface Temperature measurement with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Pin mode measures moisture in materials from 6% to 100% WME, max needle depth 10.0mm
  • Improved Scan (pin less) mode measures behind the surface up to 12cm (5") deep, 60 to 1000 (relative)
  • IR Laser sensor measures surface temperature and included humidity probe measures air temperature and humidity
  • Connect via Bluetooth to the Protimeter Connect app to live stream data, setup jobs, record and email readings
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Product Information
Complete Moisture Measurement System with Wireless Capability

Now with wireless capability! The Protimeter MMS3 represents the latest in moisture measurement technology. Its ergonomic 4-in-1 design allows for fast and accurate full building diagnostics both on and below the surface, from new building construction to refurbishing projects in existing buildings. Also, with built-in hygrometric capabilities and an infrared (IR) laser thermometer, the MMS3 also assesses indoor air quality conditions.


  • Measures moisture content in and behind various materials using pin and non-invasive modes
  • For measuring moisture content in wood, drywall, building materials, concrete, fibreglass
  • Building surveys, Fire and flood reconstruction, restoration, concrete and wooden floors
  • Measure moisture behind surface coverings, behind ceramic tile and vinyl floor coverings, joists, around toilets, drywall, gyprock, below grade floors and walls, plaster, masonry, concrete and concrete block
  • Diagnose moisture related problems in buildings, inspections, moisture mapping
  • For Building Inspectors, Insurance assessors, Builders, Quality Assurance, Restoration, Moisture Investigation


Item Specification
Pin Measurement Range 6% to 100% WME
Pin Measurement Depth Up to 10.0mm (0.4")
Pinless Measurement Range* Non-invasive (RF) up to 12cm (5") deep, 60 to 1000 (relative)
Infrared Surface Temperature Laser Pointer: 12:1 (D:S) Ratio
Range: -20°C to 80°C
Accuracy: ±2°C
Humidty and Air Temperature With Hygrostick:
30 to 40% ±3% RH at 20°C
41 to 98% ±2% RH at 20°C
-10°C to 50°C, ±0.3°C

With Quickstick / Quickstick ST:
0 to 10% ±3% RH at 20°C
10 to 90% ±2% RH at 20°C
90 to 100% ±3% RH at 20°C
-10°C to 50°C, ±0.3°C
Nominal Response: 30% to 90%
Plug In Surface Temperature (BLD5808) Range: 0°C to 70°C
Accuracy: ±0.7°C at 25°C
Data Storage 10,000 readings on device
Connectivity Bluetooth to Protimeter App
Display 2.4" Adjustable Backlit LCD
Batteries 2 x AA (included)
Warranty 2 years on Instrument

*Pinless range up to 19mm deep in standard mode and up to 12cm deep in sensitivity mode (varies with material under test).

BLD9800 Kit includes:

  • MMS3 Instrument
  • Compact Soft Touch Case and Wrist Strap
  • Heavy Duty External Probe (BLD5060)
  • Quickstick ST (POL8751)
  • Instructions
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • Two year warranty

MMS3 Kit Options:

Protimeter Product Basic Kit Survey Kit Standard Kit Survey Kit in Case Restoration Kit Flooring Kit
Includes BLD9800 BLD9800-S BLD9800-C BLD9800-C-S BLD9800-C-R BLD9800-FL
MMS Instrument
Quickstick ST
Heavy Duty Probe
Hygrostick with Extention Lead
Heavy Duty Hammer Electrode
127mm Deep Wall Probes
Surface Temperature Sensor
Quick Start Guide
Compact Soft Touch Case
Hard Plastic Carry Case
Flooring Accessories
See product link for details

Other Product Variants:

Protimeter Product Aquant Digital Mini SurveyMaster ReachMaster Pro MMS3 TimberMaster
Link Aquant Digital Mini SurveyMaster ReachMaster Pro MMS3 TimberMaster
Applications Non-invasive mode Pin mode Pin & non-invasive modes Non-invasive mode,
telescopic handle: 114cm
Pin & non-invasive mode,
humidity, surface temperature
Pin mode
Measuring Range 60 to 1000 (relative) 7.9% to 99% WME 7.9% to 99% WME
60 to 1000 (relative)
60 to 999 (relative) 6% to 99% WME,
60 to 999 (relative),
0-90% RH, -20 to 80°C
7.9% to 99% WME


  • PCWI can service and calibrate your moisture meter. Contact us to arrange a quote.

Training and Support:

  • PCWI can step you through every aspect of your Protimeter instrument to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.
  • We offer support by phone, email or video call to suit you.


Description Order Code
HD Hammer (with 4 needles) BLD5055
Deep Wall Probes 5" (127mm) BLD5018
Deep Wall Probes 14" (360mm) BLD5019
EIFS Probe BLD5070
Baseboard Probe BLD5025
Heavy Duty Moisture Probe BLD5060
Hygrostik Sensor POL4750
Standard Quickstick Sensor POL8750
Short Quickstick Sensor POL8751
Plug In Surface Temperature Probe BLD5808
Humidity Box for Floor Moisture BLD4751
Replacement Needles and Pins (set of 2) Needle Kit
Mini Extension Probe BLD5079
Calibartion Check Device BLD5086


  • Protimeter instruments come with a 2 year warranty. It does not include wear and tear of included accessories.


Product Features

  • Pin moisture measurement with built-in calibration check
  • Improved non-invasive moisture measurement with sensitivity mode feature and simple field calibration
  • Non-contact surface temperature measurement with Infrared (IR) laser pointer
  • Psychrometric calculations
  • Manual and automatic data logging up to 10,000 records
  • File viewer mode to view logged data
  • Data reporting and processing through Protimeter PC software
  • Live data stream over Bluetooth, data log into file or embedded into an image in Protimeter app
  • Web interface to view the logged data
  • Easy-to-use interface with color display and multi-language capability
  • Firmware upgradable


  • Fast responding hygrometer speeds up building surveys
  • Replaceable humidity and temperature sensor
  • No need to plug in multiple accessories
  • Non-invasive measurement not adversely affected by surface moisture
  • Highly accurate

Protimeter Connect App

  • This app is available for free on both the Apple app store and the Google play store. Once the app is installed you will be able to connect to the MMS3 and store reading data along with photos.
  • Individual job set up
  • Record readings from any function of the MMS3
  • View live readings
  • Change meter function via the app
  • Take and store photos of the meter with readings for each job
  • Send readings via email

Apple App Store - Protimeter Connect

Google Play - Protimeter Connect

How it Works - Four-In-One Moisture Measurement System

Search Mode Non Invasive

Search mode is used to assess the moisture level beneath the surface of solid walls and floors independently of the surface conditions. When held against the surface, the instrument transmits a signal into the material. The relative moisture level is shown on the digital display. The measurement presentaion helps the user to:

  • Look for moisture behind ceramic tile, water stains, tile and vinyl floor coverings, wood, drywall, gyprock, plaster, masonry, concrete and concrete block
  • Assess, in relative terms, if the material is dry, borderline or damp condition and map the problem numerically
  • Non-invasive pinless radio frequency (RF) finds moisture from ¾” (19mm) to 5” (120mm) below the surface
  • This mode of measurement is not adversely affected by the presence of surface moisture

Note: Metal additives in concrete or foil linings can create false positive readings

Measure Mode Pin-Type

This mode diagnoses the extent of moisture intrusion for damage assessment and monitors drying out of building structures. Measure mode readings are precise and specific to the immediate area of contact of the electrodes.

  • Use built-in pind or plug in the heavy duty moisture probe for measuring in hard-to-reach areas
  • Use accessories, such as hammer probes, to measure at depth
  • Deep wall pin-type probes establish the presence of moisture in wall cavity insulation, sub and surface structures
  • Other probes are available for EIFS, wood floors, baseboards and more
  • Measures moisture in wood and wood floors, subfloors, drywall, gyprock, concrete and concrete block, stucco, plaster, masonry and EIFS


This mode measures or monitors buildings for adequate ventilation affecting indoor air quality and moisture problems. Measures relative humidity and temperature, dew point and surface temperature, surface proximity to dew point (condensation) and grains per pound, as well as multiple psychrometric calculations

  • Allows measurement of equipment such as dehumidifiers
  • Measures equilibrium relative humidity in concrete floors using the in situ probe method or humidity box
  • Use to detect conditions for mold and fungus growth, that can lead to unhealthy living conditions

Surface Temperature (IR)

This mode checks surface temperature, utilizing a laser pointer, to calculate proximity to dew point.

Other Resources

Application Notes

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Manufacturer Resources

Protimeter Website - Surveymaster

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Wood Calibration Tables

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